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Daniella: "I’m sorry I remind you of him, and I’m sorry that I’m not him"

Emilia: "Come back. Get drunk, Kiss me when you don’t mean it. I don’t care just come back."

Avery: "Shit! You dated Scout too? What the hell is with me flirting with his exes??”

Tinsley: "And right now? There’s no one I rather be with than you.”

Scout: "You’re also my best friend. More than that, my brother. But don’t think I like you. Because you’re a fucking asshole.”

Austin: "My little dancer, I remember when I had a crush on you. I think it was the way you moved.”

Lulu: "I don’t need to take care of you, or need to stay with you. I’m here because I want to be here with you.”

Winter: "You’re not a Damsel in Distress, Winter. You don’t need saving, You just need a friend who is as brave as you are.”

Renna: "I like to tell people I’m over you, That I hate you. Sometimes? I convince myself that I do and then I remember how much you really made me love you. And then I have to try to convince myself again, because the only thought on my mind is when you kissed me goodbye.”

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        Anonymous said: If Scout liked Tinsley again would you break things off between you two?

Tins and I only went on one date together, so we’re nothing official yet. Scout’s a jackass but he’s my brother.. So if it made them both happy? I’d accept that..


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        Anonymous said: i rather see you With scout than Tinsley tbh

Bushy hair may be a turn on for you anon, But it isn’t for me. 

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The Protector || Winter and Cam


    Winter was in self defense classes, but even those classes didn’t teach her how to defend against verbal attacks. She was used to it from girls like this and from her dad for a while before he was gone. She never knew what to do, or what to say. So she would smile and just wait for it to be over. It was just easier that way, but it certainly didn’t hurt any less. One of the girls spoke again, “I heard somewhere that you were in Africa for like 6 months? Gross, why? How did you even afford something like that?” Winter shifted a bit, “It’s not gross… It was a charity and volunteer trip.”  She ran a hand through her hair, hoping that this would be over soon. They weren’t the type to back down for long though, not until they said everything they wanted. They hadn’t changed much from school, no they hadn’t changed at all. None of it changed, maybe she was the same girl still. Because here she was, taking it from someone until they got bored. Same story, same ending.

    At least that’s what she thought until someone walked over and gave the two girls a piece of his mind. Now that had never happened before and Winter didn’t know how to react. She was shocked, someone was standing up for her. And Natalie and Crystal? They didn’t look happy, they weren’t used to being dissed or pushed to the side like that. Especially pushed away for someone like Winter. “Excuse me?” One of them said, holding her hand out in a sassy manner. “Who do you think you’re even talking about first off? Best girl in town? Her? No no, we went to school with her. She is far for that buddy. She’s the town poor girl and loser.” She smiled, “Those positive things were always used to describe us, not her. I think you are confused.”

Cameron looked over the girls in almost disgust. He was no perfect guy, far from it but he knew when enough was enough. He didn’t pick on the underdogs. He stood up for them, cared about them made sure they were happy with their choices like he was with his own. Cameron grew up in a manor in england, with rich snooty parents who thought they were better then everyone. He learned manners from his nanny and how to dance the first time he ran off at age eight. Meeting a dancer in the street and liking the way he moved. That dancer was an underdog, and until moving here? Cameron was too. Although he was always popular with the ladies, these were two girls he didn’t want to be associated with. 

"I think you’re confused actually. I called her kind, which you have proven not to be. In fact, you’re none of the above. You’re just a bunch of girls who think they’re the world because they have money… I’ve delt with girls like you my whole life. The difference between you and I is that I don’t see money as a personality. The difference between her and you guys is that she’s an actual kind human being and you two? Oh no.. You call her a loser, but you’re two girls who don’t even live here and you’re spending a late night mocking a girl you know from High School?" He didn’t mean to say so much but people like this got him heated. He stepped forward and smiled warmly. "I don’t hit girls, And I won’t hit you two. I don’t need to really, You can’t get much uglier on the outside or the inside. Now move.. You’re blocking the way of a girl who would like to get home after actually working for a good life."

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dora the explorer is driving you home now kiddo


You don’t want to, you think you have to. And you don’t, its fine if you don’t, Cam, it’s fine. I promise. I’m used to being alone, I’ll just like, go to bed or something.


Lulu. I want to, trust me that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. 

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dora the explorer is driving you home now kiddo


*starts crying* Don’t waste your time on me, you don’t need to stay with me… I won’t leave, I’ll just stay home, just, just don’t waste your time on me, it’s not worth it.


I’m not wasting anything. I’m spending time with my friend and making sure she’s okay because I want to..

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The Protector || Winter and Cam


   Winter was walking home after her shift at her restaurant job. She sighed, pushing some of her blonde curls from her face. Though it wasn’t busy, like usually, she was feeling really tired. Maybe it was because she had been so busy. Two jobs, volunteer work, it all added up. But it was what she needed to do, and she didn’t mind doing that. Maybe her tiredness was just the sign of a job well done! She let her hair down and started to take her apron off when she suddenly heard a voice. “Man, I would recognize that tired face and mess of curls anywhere.” She turned towards the voice, seeing 2 girls standing and looking with smiles on there faces. But the smiles weren’t really welcoming, and she would recognize the girls anywhere. There names were Natalie and Crystal, and they were the reason she had a hard time in school. Grade school though, high school, these two girls were her main bullies. She was hoping she would never see them again.

    But being the sweet girl she was, she smiled at them. “Ah, hello. Long time no see. I didn’t think you both still were living in Besame.” The girls snort and one of them speaks. “Please, we don’t still live here. We are just visiting from New York.” Winter nodded, a smile still on her face. “New York? Sounds lovely, I’ve always wanted to visit.” The two girls looked at each other and laughed, they always did that. Made fun of ever word she said, but she kept smiling. The other girl pointed to her apron, “Are you still working jobs like that.” Winter nodded, “Money is money, no matter where it comes from.” The girl snorts, “A girl from a poor family would say that. You are still making your clothes are you?” Winter looked down at her skirt, of course she decided to wear a creation of hers today. “Sometimes, I think it’s fun.” The girls shrugged, “I was hoping that you would be a bit different Bruins but apparently you can’t teach a lame dog new tricks huh?” Winter wanted to tell them that the saying was an old dog, but decided to say nothing. “I guess puberty doesn’t help everyone huh?”

Cameron was tired, but he was much more hungry than exhausted. A long shift at the dance studio meant helping over twenty kids learn hip hop. It was a lot to handle, especially when he gave up his dinner break to help the smallest girl in class. He had a soft spot for the girl. She was a good dancer, but she was so small she often got pushed around. Being the protective guy he was, Cameron always stood up for her. Allowing her to show off her moves and once they were perfected? Allowing her to impress the whole class. She walked out with kids around asking how she did it while she smiled bigger than he had ever seen that past few weeks. He packed up all his stuff, checked his phone for the time, and then decided he would grab a bit of food and head to bed. It was already late after all, he wasn’t even sure what was open. And so he began to walk towards the pizza place.

He wasn’t expecting to run into a bunch of other girls. At first he smirked, his flirty attitude showing but then he realized that these girls were friends. In fact it looked like they were laughing for all the wrong reasons. Their heads turned, a snotty look on their faces as the blonde girl in front smiled. It looked sad though, and Cameron instantly knew that face. It was one he wore often, and even more so when he was living at home with his parents. That was the forced smile of someone who was beat down, of someone who wanted to do anything but smile. All these thoughts flooded his mind in less than a few seconds and he pushed by the bullies to offer the small blonde a hand. She seemed sweet enough. Pulling her up he rose an eyebrow and smirked. “Did you two lovely ladies fall from heavan?” He questioned and as they smiled, beginning to reply, he cut them off again. “Because Lucifer did too. Now, I’m Sorry. Who are you? No one important I guess, Since I don’t know you.. And yet you’re messing with one of the best girls in town? She’s beautiful, mature and sweet. You’re both immature, rude, and lemme guess? Still going through puberty? Or are you just stuck like that? Ouch.. Do yourselves a favor and leave her alone. You’re only making yourselves look worse ladies.”

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Dinner for two || Camsley


"Alright, great." Tinsley smiled nodding. "Any girl you’ve met recently you’d like to slow dance with? Of course none that are snooty rich girls." Tinsley couldn’t help but smile and laugh at herself when he brought up the whole chocolate thing. She had been a vegan for quite sometime and she didn’t eat meat and she even ate vegan ice cream but she sorted did like chocolate still. She couldn’t eat large amounts, the one strawberry was enough though. "Okay, listen. I’ve been a vegan for a few years. And I don’t eat meat or any of that fun stuff. I don’t like it. But I sorta kind of like chocolate." She laughed at herself ignoring him walking into the kitchen, "And I don’t eat it often nor do I crave it like some women and men." She grinned putting the plates on the counter before turning around looking at him. "Don’t tell the Vegan gods or whatever. I don’t want to be judged." She mused smiling at him leaning against the counter.


Cameron smiled and shrugged a bit. “I wouldn’t mind slow dancing with you.. But you can’t do that shimmey dance thing you showed me a while back.” He added with a small laugh remembering her dance move. It was horrible and awkward but it was also cute and somewhat endearing. Shaking it off he hummed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I won’t judge you. I’d eat chocolate too.” He mused with a warm smile. How could anyone stay away from chocolate and other dairy products? He hadn’t the slightest idea. Being a vegan was one of his worst nightmares. All he ever ate was milkshakes and burgers. Sometimes ice cream or pizza. Point was that he enjoyed dairy products, and meat. Grabbing the plates he just laughed again. “Are there vegan gods? I bet they’re real fun as parties.” 

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